Red Sky Cafe Camp Hill's
Flavor Heritage

Over 10 years delighting diners at our Outer Banks restaurant impart a truly unique flavor to our Camp Hill, PA location

Red Sky Cafe isn’t just your ordinary bistro or café – it’s much, much more. Red Sky Cafe has been around for over 10 years, delighting Outer Banks Customers with fresh, creative meals that feature all the local fare that makes the Outer Banks special. Chef Wes Stepp, a well-known chef locally and throughout Virginia, takes pride in consistently serving up beautiful and delicious plates featuring local seafood, poultry, beef, and duck (to name a few).

In addition to providing a casual, gourmet feel when you are dining in the restaurant, Stepp’s competent team can also cook for you and your guests right in your home or vacation home. Red Sky Cafe is also known as a premier caterer in the Outer Banks region. So, whether you are interested in fantastic food at prices you can afford, a special Chefs on Call evening, or you have an event that needs catering – come see us!

Come Eat With Us

  • 11:30am - 10pm

Wes Stepp is the owner of the popular Red Sky Cafe restaurant in Duck, NC. He’s been a chef in the Outer Banks for over 25 years, and his cuisine reflects the best of what the beach offers: fresh, succulent, mouth-watering dishes that have become an OBX attraction by itself.

Chef Wes, who is originally from West Virginia, came to the Outer Banks after graduating college with a degree in psychology. He worked at Kelly’s for a number of years before purchasing the Red Sky Café. In addition to operating the restaurant, Chef Wes has a thriving catering business, which serves the entire Outer Banks, from Hatteras to Carova. He and the Red Sky team are in high demand for catering special events of all kinds, including weddings and corporate events.

In addition, Chef Wes offers a service he calls Chefs on Call, in which a meal, usually dinner, is prepared and served in your home or vacation cottage. This is a unique service in the Outer Banks that provides an alternative to dining out, which can be very appealing to large groups of people vacationing together or families with small children. FYI, the staff also cleans up the kitchen before they leave!

Red Sky Cafe Camp Hill

Red Sky Cafe Camp Hill is located right next to Evergrain Brewery